Sunday, August 06, 2006

Loaded the music system to my car

I, Maruthu, and Muthu went to few shops in Koramangala, checked few music players and decided to load the below mentioned configuration into my car.
The audio guy explained few fundas to us.
The audible range for human being is 20Hz – 20000Hz. I hope you guys remember that Hz (pronounced as “Hertz”) is the unit of frequency.

When you play the music, the sounds can be separated into 3 different categories:
Low Frequency (20 Hz – 300 Hz), So called Bass,
Mid Frequency (300Hz – 2000Hz), For Vocal, and
High Frequency (2000Hz – 20000Hz).

Low frequency is well played by the instrument called “Woofer”,
Mid Frequency is well played by the instrument called “Speaker”, A normal round speaker without any additional attachments.
High Frequency is well played by the instrument called “Tweeter”.

The Audio guy said that nowadays there are instruments which have both the speakers and tweeters together, but the effect will not be that great as you hear with the separate components. So, He suggested the following configuration: 4 speakers (Mid Frequency), 1 Amplifier-1 Woofer (Low Frequency) and 2 Tweeters.
I went with Pioneer music system & speakers with Sony Amplifiers.