Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eclipse Plugin - Quantun DB

If you are looking for a opensource SQL plugin for Eclipse,
you can go for "Quantum DB".
I have just installed it, It is good.

This plugin requires another plugin as a dependency.
You can download that from GEF website

Install GEF plugin and Quantun DB plugin, you are ready to use the SQL/Quantum DB Perspective from Eclipse environment.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Added my LinkedIn profile Link

I have added link to my linkedIn profile in my blog.
You can as well do it, by following the steps mentioned below.

1) Select the format of display from the following linkedIn link.
(It requires the login into the linkedIn site)
LinkedIn site for the profile link

2) Edit your blogger loayout and add a page element of type "HTML/JavaScript" and paste the content that you get from the linkedIn in step 1.
Save your layout changes.

BCCI 2007 Contract

I am surprised to see Irfan Pathan in Group C instead of Group B.
He has been with Indian Cricket team for quite a long period. He was over used sometimes when there were no proper bowlers and He is a only one perfect all-rounder in indian team. Indian team exhausted him and sent out of the team in the middle of a series. Anyhow, Irfan Pathan took that positively and he relaxed a bit, got the energy back, got feedbacks from experts and practiced well to come back into the team and proved his worthiness. He was one of the bowler in T20 world cup series who had great economic rate and He was the man of T20 world cup final match. I appreciate his great attitude. He work very religiously when he is in the ground and he does not just stare at the batsman for each of the ball as Sreesanth does. Irfan Pathan rarely bowls any extras and he is very accurate and consistent after he is back to the game.
Considering his long association with the team and his accuracy & consistency, He should have been in Group B.

BCCI Contract announcement

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Video on Javascript

I had a chance to see the video on javascript delivered by Yahoo JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford in a developer day. He just shares his experience on javascript.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Google Org....

I know that all of you visit the atleast once a day. The developers sometimes rely on google to find resolution for many problems. If the internet is not accessible, the productivity goes down by some percentage...

So, you all know about ".com" domain of google, have you ever visited ".org" domain of google? I don't think so...
Yesterday, I accidentally visited ""
They have been doing lot of philanthropic activities out there. I am quite impressed with this. How many companies come forward to do some activities like this?
Check out their latest "RechargeIT" project...

Wanna be online reseller?

You can become an online reseller for free and get your part in the profit.
I haven't tried this site, just found it today while browsing the profiles in my linkedin network.

Check the following links for more details...

Improve your Presentation Skills

Today, I found the site of GARR Reynolds. He has lot of stuff on branding and presentations. Following link will take you to his presentation tips...

Presentation Tips

Write, Rate, Learn, Earn

I just came across a site today, where you can write your articles, rate others articles, learn new stuff, and also earn in the process...
Check out the following link to know more about it.

Here is the link