Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eclipse code template - Qooxdoo development

There is no proper WYSWYG editor for qooxdoo development. You need to code the classes as you code in core java. To improve the productivity, you can setup few code templates in your IDE such as Eclipse.

For example: create a code template for the qxclass

Click on Windows > Preferences in Eclipse IDE.
In the preferences dialog as mentioned below, go to  JavaScript > Editor > Templates
If you are project is JavaScript project, go to JavaScript > Editor > Templates.
If you are project is Java project, go to Java > Editor > Templates.

Add a new template by clicking on "New..." button. Add the template for the qx class as mentioned below.
Give a name for it and type the template content. You can use certain variables such as $cursor to place the cursor at a specific location when you use this template. There are many more variables available in Eclipse IDE which you can use.
Now, let's see how to use this template.

In the Eclipse IDE, After creating the file say "appname.ui.MyClass.js", open athat empty file and type the template name (say "qxclass" - the one example mentioned above). and press "Ctrl + Spacebar". The template code will be inserted and the cursor will be located at the place where you have mentioned ${cursor} in the template code.

Happy Coding :)