Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Google Adsense makes sense…

     It is really amazing and it really gives the perfect context sensitive search.
Through the adsense, I came to know about , a really cool and simple web based RSS Feed reader.
In my opinion it would say it is much better than the google reader.
The reason is:
Google reader shows one item at a time, you can’t see all the feeds and can’t easily move across the feeds.
On the other hand allows you to view all the feeds at a time, see which are all the new items in the feeds and easily move across the feeds.
On usability point of view, I like the 3-panel division and the navigability.
On the technology point of view, it uses the cool AJAX.

Here is how I came to know about the
I clicked on my blog New way to read the web - RSS/ATOM feeds
Google adsense displayed top four picks in context with the blog article.
I thought of exploring about a cool web based RSS feed reader (bored with the standalone application in my PC, cannot access it from anywhere), so clicked on “RSS Newsfeeds” link in the google adsense links.
It gave me the results, which includes a link about alesti.
Clicked on the link and amazed to see that really cool and simple web based RSS Feed reader.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

News Channels contribution for Better India...

News Channel’s contribution for Better India…

     Recently I saw the operation “Water Rat” in CNN IBN News channel, which is pretty new and also pretty good. V K Shashikumar & Ruksh Chatterjee and of course their team has lots of Guts. I appreciate you guys to take up this kind of challenge.
Is  Indian Government listening…..

Check out the news @§ion_id=3#