Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eclipse Tip: Cleaning up Package Explorer view

One day I and my colleague, Mahesh, was trying to avoid the unwanted contents displayed in the Package Explorer view of Eclipse.

Our project contains lot of library jars, which used to occupy whole area of the package explorer. The *.jar files are displayed in the view and a lot of time is spent in scrolling up and down trying to get to the relevant source files. With this handy tip, the *.jars files are hidden in the Package Explorer view and do not get in the way.

1. Open Eclipse "Package Explorer" view
2. Click the inverted triangle in the top right corner of the view window
3. Select "filters..."
4. Choose the elements that you want displayed/hidden in the view. I found hiding the project/external library jars from the display to be useful
5. Click "Apply" button for a cleaner Package Explorer view

Note : This works only in java perspective

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