Saturday, January 30, 2010


As the Blogging is out there for few years now, More people are becoming habitual to blog these days, I see many people are becoming a regular blogger and more people are creating new blogs daily. Time for the google, wordpress, and other blog sites to scale their clouds. I think, already they are doing it well :)
They are also enhancing the features. I recently changed my layout which stretches automatically based on my screen width. They are also commercializing well to monetize the blog to make win win situations for the blogger and the blog company. Amazon recently integrated with blogger to advertise the contents based on the blog context.

Kinds of blogging that I observe through my network:
1) Few people blog related to their profession. One of my friend write about his management experiences at These kind of blog really helps him to share the experiences from his vast experience and enables him get feedback from specific people who are interested in the particular topic. Also, if you are really, really good in your profession, it will take you to the right place that you deserve if you are not already there. For the readers, the blog posts are too valuable information and thoughts.

2) Few people write about their hobbies such as Travel, Fitness, etc. Even I have few separate blogs dedicated for travel, fitness, where I post related blog entries from by experiences.

3) Few people write about their daily activities or kind of web diary. If you are writing these kind of blog, you need to be really careful before publishing the post. Once you post, it is visible over the net. You just think whether you really want to share the post to whole public and will it have any consequences any time later in your life. On the other end, you can create blogs wherein you can set the security so that only the approved contacts can read all the posts in your blog site. You can form a closed circle of friends or family, so that you can share the blog entries only within them. In google blogger, go to settings -> Permissions, you can see the options for the same.

So, You think about the purpose of your blog, the intended audience of your blog, which will help you and the blog readers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunlight after Eclipse

When you have some uncertainty, your mind sometimes goes crazy. Whether the uncertainty is at work or personal, the mind, which is more than super computer, keeps thinking about the same and sometimes it goes to a deadlock. It takes sometime to break that deadlock and come to a clarity. But, once you get the clarity after removing the uncertainty, you feel fresh like server is rebooted. That feels like getting sunlight after a long eclipse in the day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Firefox - Event handling issue

In the recent firefox releases 3.0 and 3.5, I see an issue in the event firing. In the ajax exvironment, it sometimes misfires.
In my scenario, for an anchor element, I kept the href attribute as "#" and added an onclick event for a clean solution.
aElem.href = "#";
aElem.onclick = function() {
//do the action

It is working fine in IE browser, but this event is not fired correctly in firefox browser.
When I click on the anchor element, firefox fires that action, but immediately after that it fires an event equivalent to refresh frame on which the anchor element was present.
To overcome this, I called the javascript function through the href attribute itself.

function doMyAction() {
// do the action

This is not a clean solution. But, this works both in firefox and IE.