Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Triceps Brachii

Although I go to GYM regularly, my triceps is not becoming bulky.
I was just exploring about it in the web, got some knowledge about that muscle and found some interesting articles.

What WikiPedia Says

Nice Article - Add serious size to your Arms

Triceps Workout Plans
These guys at BodyBuilding.com have videos, which are very usefull :)

Most importantly, all the articles talks about the protein intakes.
Although I am not interested to take any Protein Supplements, I'll take more natural proteins from Eggs, Nuts, Fish, etc.

Excercise - Brain

We are doing exercise thinking of Reducing Fat or Build Muscles, etc...
I just came across that it increases the efficiency of the Brain to get maximum out of it :)
Among all exercises, aerobics has been found to be most beneficial for the brain.

You can read more about it @ ThinkQuest

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Qooxdoo - Web Framework

I Spent couple of days to explore about the open source qooxdoo framework. Firstly, I thought why do they keep the weird name for the framework?...
Their official site has lot of demos. Among all, The showcase demo is quite comprehensive demo to look at all the widgets provided by the framework. I like the look and feel. It is not flashy... but it looks good.
The framework is javascript based framework. They have pretty good API reference for the framework. When I explored the API, I could correlate most of the classes to Java Swing classes.

If you still want to develop the web applications with the Java Swing skills, they provide the qooxdoo web toolkit.

I am not sure about the performance. I have to try developing some applications.

Overall, I liked this framework.

Adobe AIR

I spent few hours to check the Adobe AIR platform. Looks like they are coming up with a platform to leverage the web developer skills to develop the desktop applications. You need to install the Adobe AIR software on the client machine and it has the webkit engine in it without much of the browser securities.

In my opinion, I prefer to use Java Swings/Java Web Start to develop the desktop Applications and go for other web frameworks for the web development.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Child Labour

People talk about the child labour on different occasions. But how they missed this?

Normally people point out the poor kids working out some where to earn few bucks for their daily breads and force them out of their job. This might make their life more miserable. Why those folks look at the above advertisement. All the actors in the above advertisement are kids. Is this not a child labour? Why nobody argues against this? If we stop this kind of child labour, it will be better instead of stopping the child labour that is required for running the life.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

FireBug is a must for web-development

FireBug is really a cool Addon.
You can inspect the web pages and debug the javascript with breakpoints within the Mozilla browser. I have been using this addon for an year so far...
It shows even the html source code for the objects created dynamically through javascript. You cannot see the dynamically generated code through View source of web page.

You get download the addon from
If you develop any web applications using javascript, FireBug is a must...

Medical Profession

Medical profession is one of the valuable profession and at the same time, it is one of the profession that cannot be validated by the end user...

When I go to a doctor, I cannot figure out how good he is in his profession.
We can come to know only when we recover back from the illness.
We never know whether the doctor prescribed right dose of medicine or prescribed over-dose of medicine...

There are viral diseases which takes long time to recover...,
There are life time diseases which needs continuous medical treatment...,
There are diseases which needs surgery with 50% - 50% chances of success...

Whatever the level of the treatment, quality of the treatment, or outcome of the treatment, the money reaches the pockets of the doctors...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Which button to press?

While waiting for the lift, I have seen quite a few people pressing the wrong button.
When you want to go up (say from ground floor to 3rd floor), you need to press "^" button.
It means that you want to go up. For the same, I have seen few people pressing "v" button, which is wrong.

Indian Rupees Vs US Dollars

In the recent days, Value of Indian rupee is rising over the US Dollar.
It is good one way - Indian currency value is going up :)
It is bad one way - Lots of traders, employees getting affected because of the decrease in exchange rate :(

Whatever the consequences are, Should the government support this and appreciate the rise of Indian currency value or should it act to stop the rise?

Indian Provident Fund Organization...

Last week, I received the PF statement, which was distributed by the office Guys.
You know what, that PF statement is for the 2004-2005 Financial year.
Today's date is Nov 8th, 2007. They are distributing this statement almost 2.5 years late.
It is very shame to see that it has not changed yet, can we still say that India is a developing country??? If things are like this, when will this country become a developed country???

At least the PF organization should cope with the attrition rate in the Indian IT industry... sigh...

I am surprised to see a site for the PF organization (http://epfindia.nic.in/)
I clicked on the "Know your Claim Status" link and selected Karnataka as state, it thrown an error "

The resource cannot be found.