Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perspective Matters: Follower, Creater or None

Lets see how the perspective of the people differ.
I had choosen software context for this blog, forgive me for that.

When we began to use Object oriented programming, few people studied the concepts well and modularized there applications into different modules which includes Tracing, Security, etc. They try to adopt the OOPS. Since they just learnt and followed the OOPS considering the "Class" as a basic entity, I would say this behaviour was due to the "Follower" perspective.

If you would have analyzed OOPS in depth, you would have figured out there is something which spreads across the classes. Few people had looked at it (ofcourse not me) and researched a bit and came up with the concept of Aspect Oriented programming (AOP). They say "Aspect" is the basic entity for AOP, which spreads across many classes. Simple acpects are tracing, security, etc.,. They see these aspects spread across in all classes and clutters the code. They found a way to seperate these aspects and a way to weave them in the logic through point-cuts and advices. I would say this behaviour was due to the "Creater" perspective. There are quite a few famous AOP implementations namely,

And finally few people are there around who are neither follower nor might be because of1) lack of inniative2) lack of oppurtunity3) constraints at work, tight time schedule, no brain-storming sessions to ignite the minds...and you can add more...

I feel myslef as a follower atleast, would like to think out of the box and move to creator :-)Let me see how it goes...

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