Sunday, June 24, 2007

How India is going to handle the travel population?

Recently, I travelled to Theni, Tamilnadu, India.
Purpose of the visit is to attend a marriage and to meet a friend on the way.
I travelled with one of my friend from bangalore.
We planned to meet a friend of ours in coimbatore.
Luckily we got the train reservation from bangalore to coimbatore.
We got down in coimbatore, got a chance to see the movie, Sivaji.
Later in the day, we all had dinner and we two departed from coimbatore at 10:00PM.
There are 2 bus stands in coimbatore. We took a local bus to reach the other bus stand to get a bus to Palani. There are buses every 15 minutes to Palani, but the crowd waiting for the bus is almost triple whenever a bus comes into the busstand.
I carried our bags and my friend tried hard to get seats for us, but it was a vain attempt.
Then we decided to goto other bus stand, took a local bus and reached there.
There we saw more crowd than the previous busstand. We waited there for another 45 minutes and the time was around 12 in the night. Finally a bus came, this time we rushed into the bus and we got our seats.
We got down at Palani. from there we need to travel in Madurai bus, get down at a place called "Mattu Thavani" and catch another bus to reach Theni.
Around 2:30 AM, there are lot of people waiting for the bus at Palani.

This time we know the strategy to get a seat in the bus, we waited at the entry of the bus stand.
After 30 minutes, we could see a bus to madurai, we rushed into the bus and got seats for us. We got down at "Mattu Thavani" and got a bus to Theni. We reached early in the mornning at 7:00 AM.

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