Saturday, September 29, 2007

BCCI 2007 Contract

I am surprised to see Irfan Pathan in Group C instead of Group B.
He has been with Indian Cricket team for quite a long period. He was over used sometimes when there were no proper bowlers and He is a only one perfect all-rounder in indian team. Indian team exhausted him and sent out of the team in the middle of a series. Anyhow, Irfan Pathan took that positively and he relaxed a bit, got the energy back, got feedbacks from experts and practiced well to come back into the team and proved his worthiness. He was one of the bowler in T20 world cup series who had great economic rate and He was the man of T20 world cup final match. I appreciate his great attitude. He work very religiously when he is in the ground and he does not just stare at the batsman for each of the ball as Sreesanth does. Irfan Pathan rarely bowls any extras and he is very accurate and consistent after he is back to the game.
Considering his long association with the team and his accuracy & consistency, He should have been in Group B.

BCCI Contract announcement

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Raffi said...

Irfan Pathan proved with the ball and bat as well in the India-Aus 2008 Future cup series. He is very economic with no much extras and scored some decent scores few times.