Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brief Introduction about web development

I was explaining about the web development to one of my friend who is very good in C and Unix, but new to web development. Just thought of sharing the same notes in my blog.
Image export of mind map is here:

HTML export of mind map is here:

Web Dev

  • HTML

    • Structure of the web page, which is rendered by browser
    • Static pages

      • Navigation is linked by anchor/href tag
    • Dynamic pages

      • HTML Content is generated based on the database content
      • Actions are through buttons, which will submit the form

        • server is responsible to handle the request and respond back
  • JavaScript

    • Client side scripting

      • to avoid the load on the server

    • Used for client side validation
    • used for AJAX

      • Used to generate the dynamic web page
  • CSS

    • used for the styling of the web pages

      • Browser applies the CSS while rendering the web page

    • for common style across the application

    • helps to keep the HTML code clean

      • Improves maintainability

      • Improves readability

  • Server Side Scripting

    • executed at the server side to generate the dynamic HTML content

      Example: JSP, ASP, Velocity, DJango, etc

      Scriplet and HTML are placed in the same file and
      scriplet is executed just before server sends the HTML response
  • AJAX

    • Instead of form submit, a XMLHTTP call is made to the server and
      based on the result, part of the HTML page is rendered.
      In Traditional web dev, the response replaces whole HTML page,
      but in AJAX, part of the HTML can be updated based on the XMLHTTP response
      can make syncronous or asynchronous XMLHTTP calls

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