Friday, April 20, 2012

No Energy Vs No Time

When you have multiple personal or official tasks (say 4) to do in a day, you will be thinking 
  • Whether I can do all those tasks by today?
  • Should I discard one task?
  • Should I prioritize and start from the one that is highest priority? 
If you are a typical person, you will mostly prioritize and start with the highest priority task. But, actually in my experience that is not the most optimized approach.

If you pick the task that gives me more satisfaction when you complete. Once you complete that task, the self satisfaction gives you the positive energy to do the rest of the tasks. Most likely you will complete all the tasks for that day.

If you decide that you cannot do all the tasks today and discard one task. By any chance, if that discarded task is the one in which you will get satisfaction, it will work in the opposite way. You will be feeling low because you missed that in your day and this will fire a negative energy and you cannot efficiently perform the remaining tasks that you decided to do for that day.

For example:
If you have list of tasks along with 1 hour swimming that you enjoy in the morning. If you feel it is going to be a long day today, let's skip the swimming today, that day will be really a long day.
But, If you start with you swimming in the morning, you get the positive energy and your brain cells are active and your will be able to do other tasks really quicker.

So, it is about whether you have energy or not. It is not about whether you have time or not.

Just give a try :) and let me know your experience...


Elango said...

I agree. First task of the day must enhance our well-being at physical, mental, emotional, and energy levels. I would spent first few hours in yoga as you know. Without that my day won't be fruitful.

Raffi said...