Monday, October 17, 2005

Internet Over Power

Internet Over Power Lines
     In Bangalore it is hard to get the broadband connections because of the limited infrastructure of cable and telephone lines. For instance, Airtel does not provide broadband to any residence, even in major cities like Bangalore. They do a feasibility study and reject the application if there is only one application on that street. They are not ready to bring the telephone line for one person. I applied twice in the period of 1 year and didn’t get the connection and recently went for the BSNL DataONE broadband connection. Good to see that BSNL has telephone lines everywhere.

Enough of all these restrictions due to the limited infrastructure of telephone lines and cables. Thanks to the innovations, now we can get the broadband connections if you have the electricity line :-) Every house has an electricity connection, so anyone can go for broadband connection.
Check out the News:
In Spain and elsewhere in Europe, utility companies have long offered high-speed Internet service to consumers over their power lines. But American utilities are only now beginning to roll out broadband connections on their grid. Known as broadband over power lines, or B.P.L., the service is poised to challenge the cable and phone companies that dominate the high-speed Internet market. Instead of burying cables and rewiring homes, B.P.L. providers use the local power grid, which means that any home with electricity could get the service. While the technology is not new, the home adapters and equipment on telephone poles that transmit data over power lines as radio signals have only recently become affordable enough for companies to start selling the service. [NY Times, 10/17]”

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