Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tata Nano - 1 Lakh Indian Car

Tata unveiled the 1 lakh car, Tata Nano in Auto expo 2008, New Delhi, India. This car is supposed to be the cheapest car in the world. Proud to see that this piece of engineering is from India. The Tata Nano will hit the Indian market later this year. Hope all the Autos (3 wheeler) will be replaced by the Tata Nano in India soon. Many people will move from 2 wheeler to Tata Nano.
This is really good news for the normal salaried people across the world. He can easily afford or at least, afford to get a loan for this car :)

In spite of appreciating this, few people are raising concerns against this. Let me give my comments for those criticism.

> Environmentalists are raising issue about the pollution, which might raise.
- As per Tatas, Nano is less pollutant than a 2-wheeler.
- When people move from 2-wheeler to Nano, it reduces pollution & provides safety.
- Are all the environmentalists go by Bi-cycle? Don't they have any automobile?

> NGOs are raising concerns that their is no infrastructure in India to handle the traffic.
- Hope NGOs know that every automobile owner pay the road tax to the government.
When the number of automobiles on road shoots up, the government is going to receive more road tax, so Government has to provide the infrastructure to the common man to live his life.
Actually NGO should appreciate Tata for giving an opportunity to the Indian government
for increase in road tax collection, which they can use it for the infrastructure development.
When all the Indian roads are going to attain the global standards?
- Traffic will be better, If people buy small car rather than big car that blocks the road.

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