Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rab ne Bana di Jodi

Recently, I saw the movie "Rab ne Bana di Jod". I would like to say couple of points about the movie.
1) Identify an activity that you love to do , try to indulge you in that, and cultivate as an habit.
This will save you when you are too low at times in your journey of life.

In the movie, Director has shown this clearly.
When Anushka Sharma feels that nothing is left in her life, she stays in the closed room for few days, and then she does only the basic activity for the sake of passing the days...
Only the dance, which she loves a lot, brings her back into life.
When you feel nothing is left in your life, you will never ever want to do anything. Only such an activity, where you forget about yourself, can bring you back to the life, ofcourse it takes its own time, some times in months, some times in years.
You can choose the activity that is feasible for you. it could be dance, GYM, Arts, Photography, etc. It is better to choose an activity that can stand broader age band. You never know when you'll hit the abyss in your life.

2) Try to see the situation from other's perspective.

Although Sharukh Khan loves Anuksha Sharma on the first sight, he understands the mind of the Anuksha Sharma , allows her to take her time to recover from the abyss, finds all the ways to attract her attention on her own way.

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