Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brain-driven Email Editor

Couple of days back, I thought of sending a mail to colleague about some task.
Since the team is virtually located across the globe, sometimes it matters to send a email
before the COB, so that I'll get the reply from the person across the globe (say in US) and
start my next day activity. But, Unfortunately I forgot to send that mail.
In the sleep, I got a dream that I typed the email with better facts.
As usual, When I woke up, I forgot what was the thought that i drafted in the email.
So...., I was thinking it would be very gratefull to have some kind of Email composer driven by brain thoughts.
On the otherhand, It may cause some disaster sometimes.
Say If I had a long arguement with my boss and was not satisfied with the boss decision and
it was some kind of fight, I may end up sending some email in my un-consious mind.
As we always workaround for the issues..., we can configure the so called "Brain-driven Email Editor" to save all the mails in the draft :)
So that we can capture the dream thoughts and we can review in the morning, scrap some mails, edit some mails, and send it...
What do you think...

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