Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bangalore Traffic and Circles

Bangalore traffic is going bad day by day. But, I don't see much improvement on the infrastructures. All the government is trying to do is widen the roads and build circles without signals. I hate the circles concept. You expect the bangalore traffic to flow automatically without any signals from any direction to any direction. In bangalore, only the Hebbal flyover is up to the mark in the standards to have a free flow. Recently, they opened the circle near freedom park. Automobiles coming from any direction can circle around and take any direction out. Someone comes from the right end and wants to take the left road, and Someone else comes from the left and wants to take the right road. Both crosses each other and the traffic piles up. At least they would have made some layers of road which exits to different roads. Each and every civil engineer studies about the bridges and fly overs that aids the free flow of traffic. But, In reality they don't implement it quite often as they have constraints on the space, time, budget, and politics.

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