Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sea Biscuit(2003)

Sea Biscuit(2003) is an amazing movie.
Have seen it few times and won't be bored to see many more times.
Well written by Laura Hillenbrand and nicely screen played by Gary Ross.
I liked the four main characters, Tom smith (played by Chris Cooper),
Red (played by Michael Angarano),
sea Biscuit and Charles Howard (played by Jeff Bridges)
Loved their expressions, especially Tom Smith's facial expressions at times for the dialogs of Charles Howard.

The story line was awesome, it clearly shows the mix of right people with greate attitude put together can achieve anything even if they lack in some way. Small Horse, Tall Jockey, Old Trainer and the Owner. Small Horse had the spirit to win the well built horses. Tall jockey had the attitude to understand and mingle with it and beat all the right sized(short) jockeys. Old Trainer could clearly judge the horses, train them, and correct the jockeys mistakes. The Owner had picked the right trainer and he was there whenever they need or any one of them fail.

Few of best dialogs that i liked from this movie are

"You know,you don't throw a whole life away...
just 'cause he's banged up a little."

"Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick." - by The Roman Emperor, Hadrian

It ain'tjust the speed. It's the heart.

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