Friday, December 07, 2007

Bangalore <-> Ooty on Bike

One of my colleague, Elango, floated his interest to make a bike trip from Bangalore to Ooty. That looked interesting to me, and I have never drove such a long drive on bike, although I had drove almost 25,000 KMs... We are planning to go for this trip on the first weekend of the next year (2008).

I got some time to check about the trip on the net, and found some interesting blog entries...
Let me share the links here.

A Blog entry about their trip…. You must read this one before you make up your mind for such a trip. Are you brave enough?.. really???, tell me after reading this blog entry...

One more blog entry by ThoughtWorkers

Good to see the someone’s trip album before you start, which gives the motivation :)
You need it really….., Because, There are 36 Hairpin curves on the way….

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