Monday, December 31, 2007

Bangalore Volvo - YI

You all might be knowing that few Volvo Buses are in the bangalore-BMTC fleet.
You might know that is comfortable to travel when compared to the travel in the normal, crowded BMTC bus.
But, Do you know that BMTC also provides a "where is it?" service for those volvo buses. Since there are quite a few volvo buses in the fleet, "where is it?" service helps you to take a decision whether you can wait for the volvo bus or you need to find out the alternative as you missed the bus.

Ok, Now, let me tell you the usage of that service. If you have an airtel service, this is free of charge, other providers charges I think.

You need to send a SMS as mentioned below.

To: 9945634666

YI - Yelli Ithe - This is a sentence in Kannada, which is the language of karnataka, India.
Meaning - Where is it?
U - Upwards(From Majestic), D - Downwards(To Majestic).
Example: YI V335E U

Volvo Bus Route Details

Hope this helps you to travel better in Bnagalore :)
Atleast you can listen to good music even if the Bangalore traffic is standstill.

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