Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eclipse Plugin Installation with Callisto Discovery Site

Eclipse is pretty good nowadays in managing the plugins. You can easily install a plugin with all dependencies with the help of Callisto Discovery Site.

Click on the menu Help > Software Updates>Find and Install

>select "Search for new features to install" option
>Click on "New Remote Site" and enter Name and URL of the updatesite


Name: AndroMDA Update Site


Then, select the site that you just added and don't forget to select "Calisto Discovery Site".

I hear you asking why?... Let me answer you.

The "Callisto Discovery Site" discovers all the dependencies required for the plugin that you are installing (example: AndroMDA IDE) and presents you for the download. on the presented list, you can select all the required packages and install once for all.

I remember the day when I read the pre-requisites of the plugin and download each and every dependencies such as GEF runtime, etc by visiting somany sites and then download the plugin that I require.

"Automatically Select Mirrors" helps you to avoid one more step, the mirror selection :)

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Jeremy Stein said...

I've been trying to figure out what Callisto Discovery Site is all about. Thanks for the simple explanation.