Sunday, August 31, 2008

Migration from A388 to A1200

I bought A1200 a month ago, Phone is worth for that price.

I had Motorola A388, one of the first release in that product series.

It has improved a lot in that product series. Migrated the data from A388 to A1200.

I would like to share my feedback about Motorola A1200 (MING).
Let me first appreciate the new things...

1) The interface is much better than the previous versions.

2) specific options such as "select all" option is really helpfull.

3) Full screen mode in video player is really cool.
Now coming to the points that didn't like or it would have been better...
1) I cannot create more than 6 categories in contacts.

I didn't have any restrictions in A388. I think you have made the restriction

on this because of the display in the category list.

They would have solved this by adding a scrollbar to the category list.

I could not migrate all the categories as it is from A388.

Still I have 10 categories data yet to migrate :(
2) In the Motorola Phone Tools, the Categories are not listed in the

"Mobile Phone" side of the Phone Book Screen. It would have helped if

the categories are listed in this section.
3) when porting data from A388 to A1200, The column names for the contacts differs a lot.

The portability issue is not taken care. Hence mapping column names is manual and porting them is harder. Software is not user friendly on this case.
4) When we have a loudspeaker option, the phone A1200 still demands the headset

to plugged in for the FM radio. They would have added the FM Antenna within the Phone.
5) When the flap/lid is closed, the video player keeps playing but switches to only

voice mode. There would have added an option to play the vedio even if I close the flap/lid.
6) I am not able to play video ring tones.. Is there any way out?.

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